About Pharmacy

Pharmacy celebrates its 5th birthday

On December the17th pharmacy will have been opened for 5 years. It was in 1997, when the door of pharmacy was opened for all customers. The first weeks were difficult for our staff, but we decided to stay and climb all obstacles over in order to be prepared and able to fulfil the customer´wishes. That was our chalange.

All day providing services to our customers made as so busy, that we nearly did realise, that time was passing by. Time has run through our hands as well as the prescriptions of the pacients Our purpose was , is and will be to provide services at high level to see our customers satisfied. To be able to compete taught us to focus at our potential customers and make their dreams come true. To be different from other pharmacies, we decided to provide some special offers in prevention of diseases.

We provide all types of health services demanded in the pharmacy as a dispensation ethical and individual drug formulation on medical prescription, dispensation and selling of bandaging material, expedient for incontinent patients, for ostomates, diabetics, including glucometers.

Except these services there are some special ones prepared:

  • Our stock-fund customers are allowed to buy for convenient price from the supplementary material.
  • Blood preasure measurement, measurement of fat in tissues three times a week.
  • Patients can hand over expired drugs. Pharmacy takes care of their safe liquidation.
  • We arrange a packet of essential drugs before your departure for holiday, first-ade boxes for individuals or companies.
  • We can give advice in the sphere of vaccination.
  • We offer special instruments for oral hygiene CURADEN.
  • Our OTC assortment includes vitamins, teas, cosmetic products and within them you can find a complete line of Jamieson, Wallmark vitamins, Vichy, Manhattan cosmetics, baby cosmetics made by Seba Med, Bubchen, Batole, milk products of Nutricia and products of Nuk.
  • Our pharmacy is authorised to sell measure appliances Omron.
  • A good cooperation with Nutricia company allowed us to sell their products at lower price. Some of these products are : Nutrilon Premium, Nutrilon Follow On, Nutrilon A.R., Nutrilon Soya, Nutrilon Loww Lactose, Nutrilon Pepti, Hami and Milupa.
  • Vichy cosmetics belongs to the top dermocosmetics. Their products are sold only in authorised pharmacies. Our pharmacy is one of them. Their products should be presented at high level to bring new customers over. It is possible with perfect cooperation with Vichy representatives with their possitive attitude, professional advice, advertising materials and samples.

To be helpfull for our patients led us to a great idea of presentation days. There is a great interest for dermocosmetics Vichy presentation, we have organised 6 of them till now. To the others belonged presentations of pharmaceutical companies with proffesional advices of their drugs, e.g. Slovakofarma (Acidanon, Slovit multi), Lek (Green Line cosmetics), Teas (Hipp for children), Nuk, Seba Med cosmetics, Stiefel Laboratories (Oilatum cosmetics), Piere Fabre Medicament ( dermocosmetics Ducray and A-derma) Representatives of Pasteur Meriex Conn. informed us about vaccinations and the meeting with prof. Dr. Endre Czeizel was at high professional level. In some of these meeting we cooperated with health insurance companies (VZP Dovera, ZZP Sideria Istota, CHZP Apollo) as coordinators.

We are proud of creating our web site (, that includes basic information about pharmacy and its services. We update the price list of Green line, Vichy cosmetics, Jamieson, Wallmark vitamins, products of Hipp, Ducray, Aderma, Avene every week. As a part of our web site there is a space for our magazine (, called Apotheka. Our visitors reached this magazine in printed form last year for the first time before Christmas time.

To be able to provide precise and professional services as we are expected, it is necessary to improve our knowledge about drugs. We were on excursion in the pharmaceutical museum Black Eagle in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. We have organized a meeting in Štrbské Pleso in the High Tatras to learn and relax. It has been a good chance to make our relationship better.

One of the ideas how to help our patients was to establish a subsidiary pharmacy in viladge Iža. After the building was rebuilt, pharmacy Kelemantia was opened for customers.

Kelemantia provides basic pharmaceutical services, that means dispensation of ethical drugs, selling of OTC products, expedient for incontinent patients, for ostomates, diabetics, including glucometers. Patients can hand over expired drugs. Pharmacy takes care of their safe liquidation. We arrange a packet of essential drugs before your departure for holiday, first- ade boxes for individuals or companies. We can give advice in the sphere of vaccination.

Nowadays we prepare for you a new service. For our stock-customers we create an electronic card with all information about drugs that they are taken in order to avoid an interaction between drugs, an unexpexted reaction during taking pills at the same time. If someone is due to take a new type of drug, we can advice him how to take it.

We would like to satisfy our pretentious customers, so we have created a software for virtual shopping on internet ( You have to click on special icons to choose the product and the amount of it and the way of payment and delivery. If you decide to pay cash, you have to visit our pharmacy. If you chose internet-banking, after recieving money to our count, we send you products by UPS service or by post. We hope, it will be an interesting and inspirable shopping for you, especially because of convenient prices.

In 2003 we would like
  • to enable customers to pay by cards. (Eurocard/MasterCard, Maestro, ZBK, VISA, Visa Electron).
  • to install air conditioning, that you will appreciate during summer.
  • to widen our measure days with determation of blood glucose and cholesterol.
  • to provide free of charge delivery of products bought in webshop.

We believe, that these services will serve your health and everyone will be satisfied. We would like to thank to our customers, that have helped us to reach our success, to survive and to grow up to 5 years old pharmacy. Thank you.

Mgr. Kristína Kánaiová - Pharmacy Váh, Komárno
Mgr. Tamara Podmanická - AventisPharma SLOVAKIA
17th. dec. 2002

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